18 August 2007, early evening

A bunch of us went and saw Superbad today. The film was kick-ass. It’s about a trio of high school boys trying to pick up booze and make it to a party, all in the hopes of laying the mack down on their respective love interests. Of course, it’s a lot more involved than that. It’s pretty damn funny. All the leads do a great job. You need to watch this movie.

Update 2016-08-04: I watched the film again last night with Shima. How had she never seen this movie? Like a fine wine, Superbad has aged well.



  1. I saw it last night and thought it was hilarious. It took me a bit to adjust to hearing the words ‘cock’ and ‘dick’ so much, but i settled in after the first five minutes and ended up thoroughly enjoying it.

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