Swades: We, the People.

   22 March 2005, evening time

I am 40 minutes in to Swades, and I have to say that the lead actress in the film, Gayatri Joshi, is crazy-hot.

Gayatri Joshi in the film Swades

Two hours and change later I can say the film was good. Ashutosh Gowariker follows up the sucess he had with Lagaan with his second film, Swades. The story is a simple one: Shah Rukh Khan plays an Indian scientist who comes back to India looking for his childhood nanny, but ends up finding a sense of fulfilment and purpose in the country. There is a beautiful women, as mentioned earlier, who catches his eye, for if there wasn’t this wouldn’t be a Boolywood film. The music in the film is top notch, as can be expected when it is scored by A. R. Rahman. Visually the film was also a treat. I didn’t think the cinematography was brilliant, but there are a few shots in the film that are exceptional. This film is definetly worth checking out.

The official Swades web site.



  1. What’s up with this Bollywood binge?!

    Finally pictures!

  2. I have a couple films I stole from my mom. Up next will most likely be Phir Milenge.

  3. This movie was only two hours long? What’s going on in Bollywood? Oh wait, was that two hours supposed to be tacked onto the first forty minutes?

  4. That’s two hours after the first forty minutes. The film was just under three hours I think. You know how they roll in India.

  5. You should actually go watch a movie in India. I think you would enjoy the throwing of coins at the screen.

  6. I concur mezan’s idea. Few years back I was watching Taal in an India cinema. It featured Aishwarya as lead and score by AR Rahman. The only thing I remember is the constant whistling everytime Ash was on screen. It would reach a rousing crescendo with a dance sequence.

    Needless to say they were not much interested in the story as much as they were ogling Ash.

    So an Indian cinema, with inferior a/v equipment, hooligans, and no air-con can be a worthwhile experience. From what I hear, multiplexes are the big thing in Bombay and other metros though.

  7. The Prasad in Hyderabad is a nice multiplex and pretty much as good as most theatres in Toronto. The audience was very quiet too.

  8. swades is the avante garde to all those film makers and audiences who want to make this india…my india.developed in all aspects. come and join with me….i will develop another CHARANPUR…. A MOHAN BHARGAV IS IN everybody’s heart…just realise yourself….

  9. I Liked this film very much. It had a very good message and was a thought provoking film. Shahrukh Khan was at his best as usual. The new comer Gayatri Joshi was fantastic taking into consideration that this actress has made her debut against an actor who is probably the king of bollywood and with a director whose previous film ‘Lagaan’ was nominated for the Oscars. It was unfortunate that she couldn’t win the filmfare award for best debut. However she deserved every bit of it.

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