The Last King of Scotland

    6 July 2008, early evening

I finally watched The Last King of Scotland with Shima. The movie, a fictional retelling of the rise (and fall) of Idi Amin, was very well done. James McAvoy plays Amin’s doctor, and the movie focuses on their relationship. When McAvoy arrives in Uganda everyone is loving off Amin, McAvoy’s character included. The more time he stays in the country, the more he comes to realizes Idi Amin is a crazy son of a bitch. You are left aware he kicked out all the South Asians from the country, and that Amin killed a lot of people, but this all plays out in the background. Forest Whitaker does an amazing job portraying Idi Amin. All in all it’s a good movie, well worth watching.

The official The Last King of Scotland web site.



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