The Namesake

   10 March 2007, early morning

Shima and I watched the Namesake last night. The film is based on the book by Jhumpa Lahiri. The story follows a Benghali family of four as they live out their lives in America. The novel’s focus is primarily on the son in the family, and the conflict he feels being a first generation American. The movie spends a good deal of time focusing on the parents as well. I thought this part of the movie was incredibly well done. The book is excellent, and i’m glad to say so was the movie. Mira Nair has done a great job here, as have all the actors. Irfan Khan and Tabu are particularly good, and Kal Penn gives a great performance as well. What else can I say? I was very impressed.

The official The Namesake web site.



  1. I’m dying to see this now.

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