The Nintendo DS: Day 4 (Meteos!)

   15 November 2005, late evening

After reading a few reviews, I went out and bought Meteos on Friday, before heading off to Heather’s rocking birthday party. (I should mention in passing that Dufferin Mall, where I bought my game, reminds me an awful lot of the Scarborough Town Centre circa 1999.) Meteos is produced by the same company that made the super-awesome Lumines. They are also the company behind the infamous psychedelic shooter Rez. Meteos is fun, and definitely worth owning if you have a DS. It is similar in a very trivial way to Bejeweled. I picked up my copy used for $32 at Electronics Boutique. There are videos of the game play over in the Meteos Strategy Guide you can view to get a taste for how the game works. The reviews at 1UP gives a much better overview of the game than I have here.



  1. Meteos is a wicked game. Well done buying it. It almost makes the DS a good purchase. If only it wasn’t so ugly.

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