Thursday Night Subterfuge

    8 September 2006, early morning

Patrick, Sharron, Steph and I met at Metro Square to sample food at the Taste of Toronto. Most of the restaurants in the area (the Theater district) had set up shop. The food was quite good. We hung around till about eight before heading off to find a place to have a drink. An hour later, we were at the Tap, minus Sharron. The Tap is awesome. My friend Matt has got me totally hooked on that place. Juan showed up just before we left, and the two of us sneaked in to my old house to steal my iMac. I’m not sure how stealthy we actually were. Hopefully we didn’t wake anyone up. My condo still doesn’t feel like home, but I think that will change once I have Internet access.



  1. I thought you were going to say “My condo still doesn’t feel like home, but I think that will change once Shima is there.” I guess that’s what I would have liked to have read… But I guess the internet and your iMac are more important than I am. :(

  2. I like you the most.

  3. I had no idea where it was either. I kept on thinking it was another name for Nathan-Philips square till Patrick told me where it was.

  4. I was going to drop by the Tap last night but I fell asleep watching Buffy S3 commentary, because I am lame.

  5. A Question for Ramanan:

    Are you the same Ramanan Sivaranjan who used to live in Welwyn Garden City, UK?

    If so, please get in touch – We were old school friends and it’d be nice to hear from you. If it’s not the same Ramanan, then I apologise and feel please free to delete this message


    Sean Fox
    (Previously Sean Houlihan)

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