Two Hours

    9 September 2003, mid-afternoon

I’ve been in Waterloo for 3 days now. I’m all settled in and things have been nice so far. I got in on Saturday afternoon. Alex and Tan-Ieu are still living in this house with me, along with a few new housemates which are friends of theirs. It’s nice being back. Tan-Ieu packed me a lunch on the first day of class, illustrated in the attached picture. (it was actually just a snack and drink, but it is the thought that counts. She made little pack lunches for all us students.)

I walked to school a little bit early on Monday. I had errands to run, and I am still used to waking up early because of work. I bumped into Ju-lian and Nabeel in the computer lab. We loitered for a bit before heading off to class. Ju-lian came to the Math of Public-Key Cryptography class Nabeel and I are in. He was less then impressed. I think the class will be interesting. The professor is the same one who thought me Classical Algebra and Applied Cryptography.

I had Graph Theory after that which is being thought by an Australian professor. This class, as well as the crypto class are tiny. I love small classes.

I only have 2 hours of class on the Monday, except for a night class. After my two classes I bumped into Nabeel and Ju-lian again in the computer lab. My friends Chris and Matt showed up shortly after and we all left to go to the bomber. The afternoon beer was nice. However, we did get a midget pitcher, and had to pay 12 dollars for it. That’s just not cool. I think that was a sign of things to come.

Gary showed up at the bomber, and, along with Ju-lian, we left to do some shopping after. I bought a new GameCube game, Rebel Assault 2, which is a lot like X-Wing, only with really nice graphics.

After shopping, we went to Morty’s for wings. I got suicide wings, which were damn hot. My lips and tongue were in some serious pain. That said, they were really good. Shame they are so expensive. Their wing deal is such a scam.

I have 4 math courses, and one elective, which is History and Film. I skipped the elective to go to Fed last night. Gary and I picked up Yang, and came back to my place to wait for Steph. Once she arrived, we walked over to Fed.

The line at Fed was huge. Worse of all, it moved incredibly slow. I don’t know what they are doing now. I think perhaps they are trying to piss of the students. I hope there was a real reason the line was so slow and the whole thing was not just some sort of incompetence on the part of the feds. We were in line for 2 hours. The only legitimate way to get in quickly was to just walk to the front of the line and step in front of people who had been lining up. None of us were in the mood to go clubbing once we got in, but at least we got in.

Two my surprise, Fed was not packed at all. It was busy yes, but not the way you would expect it to be after lining up for 2 hours. Not the way you would expect it to be for FED 101. I saw friends of mine here and there, which was nice, but for the most part the night was disappointing. The most memorable part of the night was the line up. That’s not good. We left at 1:30 quite disappointed.

Today I had my Linear Optimization class. I knew it was being taught by R. Shioda, who I hadn’t heard about before. I was surprised to find that the R. stands for Romy, and Romy Shioda is a cute Asian lady from New York city. She seems thoroughly out of place when I think about the other professors who have taught me C&O. I don’t know if I think she’s cute because she’s teaching a math course, or because she actually is cute. I’ll need a third party to decide. She lectures quite well, although awfully quiet.

After that I had Formal Languages and Parsing. The class was busy, which was surprising. I brought my laptop to school today to try out my wireless card. It works like a charm. So I spent the few minutes I had before class started to check my mail and use MSN.

And that has been the past few days in Waterloo. If you read carefully, this whole post could have been replaced with the following, “I went to class today and saw this hot girl.”

But, I’ve been told no one likes those stories.



  1. found this entry randomly.

    Shioda’s background is actually very interesting—MIT for the academic stuff, and Juilliard for violin. I happened to see her play last night with the Orchestra@UWaterloo ; she has some funny physical mannerisms while playing, but she sounds awesome (she’s the concertmaster). Musical geek girls totally 0wn.

    and as a 3rd party, I totally agree…

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