20 March 2004, early afternoon

I’ve been getting comment spam at my photoblog, as some of you may know. SixApart, the company that makes Moveable Type, is developing an authentication system called TypeKey that they hope will reduce comment spam. They plan to have people register with this authentication service before they can post comments to sites that are using TypeKey for authentication.

I wonder if it will be effective, and if people will want to use such a system. Some people want to post anonymously, and some people may not want the comments they post on one site to be linked in anyway to comments they post on another site. (Maybe you post comments at a forum for child abuse victims, and want those comments to remain anonymous and separate from comments you post on your friends photoblog, for example.)

Most of all though, I am really curious as to how they will implement the system.

(I found this link at one of my favourite sites on the net, kottke.org.)



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