Usain Bolt is Fast

   18 August 2008, terribly early in the morning

I called Rishi on Saturday, and left a message on his voicemail asking if he wanted to meet for brunch. He called me back a few minutes later: “Is it too early for a beer?” Is it ever? So we went to Beer Bistro, where I got to have both a beer and brunch. While waiting for Rishi to show up I got to watch the best thing i’ve seen at the Olympics – by far – the men’s 100m sprint. I arrived just as the race – or perhaps a replay of the race – had finished. People in the bar were going mental. I figured I must have missed something awesome. So I waited, and then watched as they replayed the race. Holy shit, Usain Bolt is amazing. That’s how you win a race. For those who missed it, try your best to find a copy of the race, which features: Bolt winning by an embarrassingly large margin; Bolt looking back, seeing he’s winning by an embarrassingly large margin, and thus deciding to cheer his win before crossing the finish line; and finally, Bolt letting up early to cheer and yet still managing to get the world record. He ran the race a full tenth of a second faster than Ben Johnson did in 1988. And Johnson didn’t get to keep that record. Go Bolt! Go!



  1. I think you meant to say ‘a full tenth of a second faster than Ben Johnson did in 1988’

    But yeah, that was fast…

  2. Yeah: 8.79 would be nuts.

  3. His name is Bolt. Awesome.

  4. yeah that was crazy..i’m surprised you haven’t said anything about Phelps

  5. He’s catching a lot of flack for being unsportsmanlike. I guess its bad form to look back at your competitors as you are beating them.

    Plus its almost like he isn’t really giving it his all.

  6. Did you see him qualify for the 200m? That was pretty hilarious as well, he’s basically jogging at the end of the race. That dude is freaky fast. Michael Johnson has said he expects Bolt to beat his record — and Johnson’s record is really impressive. I“m not so sure, but that’s be pretty impressive. (Though, a gold in the 100m and 200m is also going to be very impressive.)

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