What Barry Says

    4 November 2004, evening time

I got sent this link to an animation on America’s position in the world, titled What Barry Says. It’s definitely worth checking out since it’s really well done. The video looks like the opening to a video game. I should say up front, it’s left-leaning-liberal-homo-communist-anti-america-terrorist-loving-freedom-hating propaganda; you can’t win ‘em all.



  1. Was just having a browse to see which blogs were referencing my film, ‘What Barry Says’. So I come across yours, terming the film:

    ‘left-leaning-liberal-homo-communist-anti-america-terrorist-loving-freedom-hating propaganda’

    What on earth are you on? Crit the film and its message by all means. But this?
    Both Barry and I are extremely well versed in US history and foreign policy. Our claims are backed up and we regularly debate the points contained in the film. Also, our views are really not that shocking to the rest of the world outside the US. And, I must have received about 1000 mails from the US about the film. All but around 15-20 have been massively in favour. Oh, and just to let you know, we both have girlfriends and have never been homo’s, or members of the Communist party, although we are both members of ‘Stop The War’. Good luck in whatever you choose to do in life, God knows you’ll need it!!!

  2. Dude, it’s called sarcasm. Did you actually read anything on my site?

    First of all, I don't find your views shocking, since I agree with them all -- I mean, who hates America more then me? Second, I am part of the rest of the world outside of America, I live in that bastion of freedom known as Canada. Third, I don't care if you have a girlfriend or not; I didn't bring it up. Finally, what's the big deal with being a communist? Joe McCarthy died a long time ago.

    You sound like a tool, which is a shame since your video is pretty cool.

  3. “Third, I don’t care if you have a girlfriend or not; I didn’t bring it up”
    You did, ‘homo’ was one of the terms you used in your colourful description of my film. OK, you say it was sarcasm. Fine I believe you, but it isn’t readily obvious from your prose. And I don’t know about you or your blog. The only thing I read was this review. Why should I read anything else? Maybe you should make a note at the foot of each page saying: ‘Please study all articles on this site before responding, as I may just be being sarcastic’. And why did you have to resort to insulting me? Tool? I don’t think you need to resort to that do you? You mention that Canada is a bastion of freedom. We also know it as a bastion of good manners. Better cross that off my list then…

  4. First, you are not your film. Second, I think the sarcasm is pretty obvious. Who would seriously refer to something as “left-leaning-liberal-homo-communist-anti-america-terrorist-loving-freedom-hating propaganda”.

  5. Simon, you appear to be trying to defend your film from someone who was not attacking you. The error was made, and you appear to now agree with the sarcasm. If you re-read what you wrote in your first post and step back, you will see that you are indeed overly self-righteous and sound insecure(through the little snippit of your CV in regards to the topic). Your little comment on wishing him help with the rest of his life is most likely what the tool reference was spurred by. You really have no basis for your little jab at Ramanan for making a personal insult (seeing as you started it.)

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