Wine and Cheese

   30 May 2004, early afternoon

I went to a Wine and Cheese party last night. I drank lots of wine, and ate a little cheese.

The day basically began with my arguing with Ahilan about my dinner. I wanted 6 chicken McNuggets; no more, no less. He was convinced this was a waste of money, since for a few dollars more you could get fries and a drink. Mind you, I didn’t want fries or a drink. We argued about this till he pulled up to the drive-thru window. I decided, why bother arguing, he gave me two bucks, and I gave him money to get a 6 chicken McNugget combo.

“I don’t want the drink,” he tells me.

“I don’t want it either,” I reply.

“Well just leave it outside.”

“That’s a waste of a drink.”

“There aren’t any cup holders, I’m not going to hold it while I drive.”

We discuss what to do with the drink for a few minutes, but finally I end up leaving it in the parking lot. I ate a few fries, and then put the rest of them in this little nook on the dash board. Ahilan asks me to put them on his chair; I do so. We pull out of the parking lot and the fries all fall on the floor—every last one.

“They’re still good!” I tell him. He doesn’t seem convinced. I start to scoop them back into the package they come in, and put them all on the nook in the dashboard. “I’ll eat one if you eat the rest.”

“No, that’s gross.”

“They’re still good—”

It was at this point that the fries fell off the dashboard, and back on to the floor.

So, I ended up eating the 6 chicken McNuggets, and bitching at Ahilan for making us buy the stupid combo.

We arrived at Shima’s house, just in time to receive a call from her letting us know her buzzer number. I thanked Ahilan for the ride and ran off to her apartment.

The door to her apartment was being held open by a little kid. So I just walked in. Shima’s buzzer number was 4 digits. I just assumed that the first two digits were the floor number, and that the second two digits were the room number. I was wrong. I headed back to the lobby, and buzzed for Shima. Her mom told me what their apartment number actually was and I headed back up.

Shima met me at the elevator. The apartment we walked to wasn’t the one I heard her mom tell me, so it was a good thing she was outside waiting for me. We left for Riadhs’s.

Bottles of Wine



  1. now what was the wine and what was the cheese ? you drank more wine than you ate cheese that slope is good as long as you had the bread handy, now what was the bread like ? (the tie on the pics is only assorted to bread, nothing else and certainly not wine)

  2. There was a lot of fruity wines that tasted good, but not like wine. I had a good Australian Red Wine, the only proper wine at the Wine and Cheese. As for cheese, there was moldy ass blue cheese, gouda, brie, havarti and goat.

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