Economics of File-Sharing

    1 December 2003, the wee hours

The New Economics of Music:
File-Sharing and Double Moral Hazard
. This article is about File-Sharing, the Music Industry, Piracy, and the economics of it all. Really interesting read.

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Short Words to Explain Relativity

   30 November 2003, early evening

Short Words to Explain Relativity. The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein explained using words of no more then 4 letters in length.


Using a Dedicated Swapfile Partition to Speed Up MacOS X

   30 November 2003, late afternoon

Using a Dedicated Swapfile Partition to Speed Up MacOS X. This article talks about how to create a separate partition for the swap files OS X creates. Most Unix systems require your swap files to be written to their own swap partitions, which are usually as large as the amount of RAM you have. Mac OS X does not require a separate swap partition, but some argue that having one would improve system performance.

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   24 November 2003, late evening

Smart This whole site is dedicated to the smart playlist feature of iTunes. People post their creative use of the feature.



   21 November 2003, mid-afternoon

what kind of social software are you? These online tests are always strange. This one is about what kind of social software you are. Interesting idea for a test I suppose. As you can see, I am FOAF. What does this mean? Well according to the test, “Although you’re hacking out the future in RDF, you realise that all technology boils down to dating in the end.” That seems true enough.


iPod Sound Quality

    9 November 2003, lunch time

iPod Sound Quality A really good review of the iPod in terms of sound quality. There is a comparison between ACC vs. MP3, and the encoding of iTunes vs. Quicktime 6.4. All in a all a wicked page to read if you are interested in MP3s and iPods.

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How do spammers harvest email addresses?

    1 October 2003, lunch time

How do spammers harvest email addresses? This is a great little page that details the ways in which spammers may get your email address.

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PowerBook and iBook: Resetting Power Management Unit (PMU)

   30 September 2003, late afternoon

PowerBook and iBook: Resetting Power Management Unit (PMU). This is how you reset the power management unit in a iBook. I’m sure most of you don’t care. I just wanted to make a note of this incase I need to do it later.

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E.W. Dijkstra Archive

   18 September 2003, early evening

E.W. Dijkstra Archive Very cool site that contains many manuscripts written by Dijkstra. (Dijkstra is a famous computer scientist for those who don’t know. He’s famous for his algorithm for finding shortest paths in a graph.)

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J-Dogg cyber sessions

   17 September 2003, early morning

J-Dogg cyber sessions This has to be the funniest thing I’ve read on the internet in a while. It’s 8:00 in the morning. I’m trying not to laugh so loud my housemates wake up.

Update: This link is dead now; if anyone knows where the site went let me know.



    7 September 2003, mid-afternoon

megatronWhich Colossal Death Robot Are You? The first time I did this test I was Megatron, as illustrated to the left. Doing it a year or so later, I end up being Optimus Prime. Screw that. I am Megatron god damn it.



    7 September 2003, mid-morning

The Crazy Engineer – Projects: Skittlebrau. It’s stuff like this that makes the internet worth while. Skittlebrau is
that beer that has candy floating in it. Of course, such a product does not exist. So this guy has set about to create it.


Going to Hell

   30 August 2003, lunch time

I was banished to the second level of hell, after takeing the Dante’s Inferno Hell Test.


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