A Blog is a Book you Read Backwards

   27 May 2004, early evening

Weblogs are usually formatted so that the most recent post is the first thing you read, with posts being displayed in reverse chronological order. So, when you assign page numbers to the pages in your weblog, in a sense you are assigning them all backwards. Worse still, after a few posts, entries that used to be on page 1 will now be on page 2, those on page 2 on page 3, and so on and so forth. For this reason, I’m not sure how worthwhile it is to use page numbers as a navigation tool for most weblogs.

I’ve updated my page number plugin. You can now generate page number lists as navigation elements. If you have a 50 page entry weblog, and you are viewing page 10, then the tag will generate something like this: 1 … 8,9,10,11,12 … 50. Each number would be a link to the appropriate page.

The tag generates an unordered list, so you will need to style it to have it display as I’ve shown above. The CSS you will want to use would be the following:

ul.rsx-page-num-list li {
    display: inline;

Please let me know if you find any problems.




  1. Hey Ramanan, this is pretty off-topic, although it still has to do with Textpattern. I posted a “How to…” qeustion on the forum but it’s had no responses. Is there a way to keep comments from either a specific section or a specific article from showing on the recent comment list?

  2. I answered your question. There is so much stuff asked in that section recently I just tune it all out.

  3. Emergency! My site is all messed and it’s showing this error…

    Parse error: parse error in /home/hass/public_html/textpattern/publish/taghandlers.php on line 193

    ... and erasing that code didn’t fix it. Any suggestions for setting things straight?

  4. Never mind, reloading the original taghandler.php with my FTP program fixed it. Funny that editing the file through cPanel didn’t. Thanks Ramanan.

    (BTW, I should have mentioned that I am using ReinerBiz’ recent comments plug-in. Sorry!

  5. Wait, so you figure out your problem? You can just edit the code in the plugin. That will be easier actually, because you can edit that in TXP.

  6. I didn’t figure it out, I just returned things to normal. Email me a fix when you get a chance if possible…hsumen@post.com
    Thanks man!

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