Torontoist: Miss Ryerson? Miss Universe. ⇒

   31 May 2005, mid-morning

The new Miss Universe is a Ryerson student. Nice.

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  1. Miss Dominican Republic was the real stunner.

    Miss Canada answered her question really well. Most of it was canned, but she was clear and concise. She deserved to win.

    Yes, I watched it.

  2. I watched it too, in part.

    I’m glad that Canada one, cuz she is indeed quite gorgeous. But I have to discredit her, since the remaining candidates spoke didn’t speak english as a first language.

    But at the same time, it looks as if everyone looked like the same.

    The attack of the pageant clones.

    And they’re judged on their poise in evening gowns? This is taking women back 50 years. Sorry, I’ll stop ranting.

    plus, the entire thing was plastered with product placement, and it’s soo annoying.

  3. Rosie DiManno pisses me off sometimes, but I thought this was interesting: What's the fuss over Miss Universe?. (login:, password: thuper)

  4. “It troubles me that the Star and religious fundamentalists would share, however obliquely, the same absolutist views.”


    What really got my attention this year was the realizaton that part of their activities was “frolicking in tsunami hit beaches”.

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