CBC: Passenger jet on fire at Toronto airport. ⇒

    2 August 2005, mid-afternoon

I can see the smoke from my office.

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  1. really? :s

    i hope no one is hurt..

  2. This was quite a surprise to hear at work. The last crash was around 4 years ago. You can even see the live pictures at the MTO Cam site, as the crash is right beside the highway. Around 4:15, there was a long stretch of smoke and fire, as if napalm had just been dropped on the area.

    I don’t think anyone would have made it out of that crash, I certainly hope that they did, but we haven’t heard anything as of yet, and its already 5:30! This is a terrible tragedy.

  3. Looks like the news has been updated to say there are some people being brought to hospital! I hope it works out.

  4. There’s a passenger from the plane speaking on CBC about his experience right now.

  5. I was at the airport at the time. Lots of smoke. Smelled like burning rubber.

  6. Apparently everyone made it out before the plane caught fire although some people were sent to the hospital.

    Where is your office Ram?

  7. As close to Mississauga as you can get, without being in Mississauga. It’s basically one of the stankest place in the city to have an office.

  8. I remember when I worked at Messier-dowty, the company that made the landing gears for the airbus 340, that when the airplane turned one way, the landing gear couldn’t handle the weight and would keep going in its original direction. I hope that wasn’t what caused the crash.

  9. when I got to Toronto last night the traffic on the 401 was basically clear; ironically the traffic was worse coming out of Toronto this morning (401W backed up through the onramp back into 427N)...rubberneckers.

  10. I had an hour and a half long bus ride last night. Normally it takes me about 15 minutes. I managed to finish V for Vendetta in that time.

  11. I’m glad everyone made it off the plane.

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