Telefilm Canada: Partition. ⇒

   16 August 2005, early afternoon

Check out the cast! Lana, is that you? (It is.)

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  1. OMG! She looks hot!

    But those contacts freak me out.

  2. They got a white girl to play the role of an Indian, why am I not at all surprised?

  3. Dude, she’s half white, half chinese. Is that a double dis? I wonder. Nevertheless, I’m betting the movie is good.

  4. No one should not be considered for a role just because they have no origins in indian sub continent. Thats just wrong.
    If they can look the part and play it then its all good.
    Its not like the character is a caricature of a supposed type. ie. Blacked up black man and the angry black guy roles of the 60’s. those are bad, takes away all human value. even when they have been played by the “correct” people because they hold the right “racial origin”. Think about it people!

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