Animal Crossing for Nintendo DS. ⇒

    7 December 2005, mid-morning

I bought the game! I probably shouldn't have, but I couldn't help myself. I'll have more to say shortly. If you are playing the game, post your friend code here!

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  1. I got the game yesterday. I love running around with the stylus, though I really should be studying for my finals. Also, I can’t connect to WFC because my internet on campus and in the apt requires web form authentication. Bah.

  2. With respect to the WiFi situation where you live and at school, can’t you spoof the MAC address of your Nintendo DS on your PC, authorize yourself via the PC, and then start surfing on your DS, whose MAC address should be authorized now? Or am I misunderstanding how these web authorization systems work.

  3. Hrm… I briefly looked for a workaround, but maybe this will work. I considered jsut getting the Nintendo USB Wifi adapter, which lets you share a connection to the DS.

    I could also use my Airport to share internet I assume, but haven’t tried yet.

  4. My Animal Crossing friends code is: 1675-6446-1309

  5. you are a geek! :P

  6. A few hours after trying to hex edit my airport kernel to change the MAC, I found SpoofMAC. Thanks for the tip. 4252-6257-2065 Oh and the Nintendo USB thingee isn’t OS X compatible.

    benny lives in scarlom.

  7. do you get to pick what kind of animal you want to be?

  8. You aren’t an animal, you are a person. The town is in habited by animals though. You can sort of determine how you will look based on questions you answer at the start of the game: Animal Crossing Face Guide.

  9. thanks for the face guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

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