BBC: Hamas "secures stunning victory". ⇒

   26 January 2006, mid-morning

I can't imagine this will be good for the peace-process.

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  1. I am not so sure. Only time will tell, but I could see this having something of a taming influence on Hamas. Now they will be forced to become somewhat more legitimate. Perhaps.

  2. Are they still “terrorists” if they have been legitimately elected by the Palestinian people? Maybe they will become more moderate now, or maybe it will legitimize their goals and activities.

  3. I’d imagine it’s unlikely to legitimize their goals if they’re never recognized as a government. The US has already said they weren’t going recognize them as such.

  4. Wow hearing words like “legitimate”, “moderate”, “taming” used in the same context as Hamas is quite amazing. Please send me some of the stuff you folks are smoking. Must be some good shit.

    The peace process has just taken an u-turn and the Palestinians have made it crystal that they don’t give a damn about the peace process. You can’t negotiate with these folks in good faith.

  5. Talk about good faith

  6. But isn’t that what happened with the IRA and PLO etc?

    And yeah, I agree with Sunny’s comments on the peace process. It’s all gone to shit now….

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