Cherry OS Claims Mac OS X Capability For x86 ⇒

   13 October 2004, late evening

Probably bullshit, but you never know.

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  1. I always thought that the whole idea of going for an Apple product was the combination of software and hardware.

    But this may float the boat for the thousands of folks out there who prefer the x86 architecture but hate Microsoft.

    That said the G5 towers are, by specs. understocked and overpriced. They lack graphics firepower, can be noisy, and only two drive bays. For US$3,000 they are seriously lacking compared to a top of the line, assembled, PC. Cherry OS may give these folks the best of both worlds, if Apple allows them to.

    Of course the Apple laptops (both the PoweBook and iBook lines) are the best thing since sliced bread. (BTW what do you use?) Can’t wait to get my hands on one. This Christmas for sure.

  2. I have a G3 iBook. The version just before they switched to the slot loading G4s. It’s worked great so far. I think Apple lap tops are a great deal.

  3. Aside from Apple’s notebooks and lifestyle devices, there is nothing special about their hardware. There was a time when I could justify the premium for a Mac desktop, but as Sunny pointed out, the G5 tower is grossly overpriced. My x86 is leaving me relatively uninterested in pursuing a deeper relationship with my computer, which may actually be better for my long-term mental health.

    Oh yeah, the whole point of this comment was to say that I would be very interested in being able to run OS X on my PC.

  4. I think this is vapourware. You should look into PearPC, which actualy does exist however.

  5. Also, the iMacs are well priced I would argue, considering they come with a nice LCD monitor.

  6. Ram – Yes, forgot abt the G5 iMac. That’s a very good value for money. The memory could use an upgrade though.

  7. But memory, as long as you don’t but it from Apple, is very cheap. In Toronto I can get half a gig for about 120 dollars or so last time I checked. So I don’t think that will play TOO heavily into the price of an iMac. Though, as Rishi has griped many a time, Apple really should offer up a consumer PC without a monitor included.

  8. There is a large chunk of pc users who do not move to MAC for one reason; GAMING. Apple should be gratefull for emulation software like this because it will give these users an oportunity to experience Apple and still hold on to the benifits of a pc. This could be seen as marketing strategy aimed at pc users much like the ipod was. I think Apple should take advantage

  9. I don’t think Apple has any gripes, one way or another, with PearPC.

  10. Somehow I doubt that, if PC users hate Macs because of the gaming scene, simply using a second rate emulation of the OS is going to woo them over.

  11. Well for those of yall thinking that Cherry OS os a scam I just wanted to let you know it does exist and I have it, but the program is very buggy. I will only install the first disk. wont even reconize that a disk was swapped

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