More than half of MySpace's users are over the age of 35. ⇒

    6 October 2006, lunch time

That's both creepy and sad.

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  1. Can’t say the same for facebook, that’s a really young network.

  2. For now; before you need to be in university to join, now you just need a valid email address. Facebook seems to be losing its focus in an attempt to increase the number of people using it.

  3. Wait ‘till you’re 35. You’ll rue the day you made that comment.

    I found your site through Haran’s. What’s up Ram.

  4. I donít think there is anything wrong with being over 35, but being 35 and on MySpace is lame. At least kids are young and inexperienced, and can use that as an excuse for being there.

    What up William.

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