Simon Wookey on a property tax rebate for seniors. ⇒

    1 November 2006, late afternoon

Many seniors have homes in areas that have suddenly boomed in value, and this boom has effected the property taxes they are required to pay. This strikes me as a good idea. Wookey seems to be a fairly progressive candidate. As such, I am still torn as to whom I should vote for on the 13th.

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  1. An increase in taxes on property should take place only on sale, then all the homeowners who buy a property, not to flip, but to actually live in would not be disadvantaged.

    Also, properties with less than 6 rental units are deemed residential,not commercial and are taxed at the residential rate. So, all the city services such as garbage collection and water services are provided to these rental properties at the same cost as to residential customers. Absentee property owners pay exactly the same as I do, though they use 4 times the services. Also, they can deduct their property repairs from their income taxes; I can’t.

    I am a working class single woman, and I don’t see why I should pay additional property taxes to live in my home, which I plan to live in until I retire, because of individuals who plan to live in the area for a short period of time and then flip the house or rental property owners who pay the same taxes as I, but earn $40-50,000 annual income from the property.

  2. You make a bunch of really good points. I really think the way property taxes are levied now is poorly thought out. It seems unfair to tax on anything other than the value of the property when you bought it, for many of the points you outline. I think he city is pretty desperate for cash, which might explain why they would be in favour of a schem that generates more revenue.

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