Martha and Carvill in my living Room.

My Living Room

Martha and Carvill in my living Room.

I started collecting comic books again this summer. Well not comic books but trade paperbacks. I collect Daredevil now, it's quite good. The primary writer for Daredevil is Brian Michael Bendis, who is excellent. I actually met him at the big comic book convention held downtown last summer. I got him to sign some of the issues he wrote. Sitting next to him was David Mack, who's a great artist and writer as well. I got him to sign some of my comics as well, and also bought a graphic novel he wrote called Kabuki. It's excellent to say the least. I feel bad for not buying a book from Bendis at that time, because a few weeks later I ended up buying one of his graphic novels, Jinx, from the Silver Snail. I recommend both artists to anyone who's looking for some good comic book reading. This photo was taken after Dave and I got back from the big comic book convention.

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