GMail for the Masses?

    3 February 2005, early morning

I just noticed I have 50 GMail invites. That is a lot. I wonder if Google is ready to open the system up to anyone and everyone? If you want a GMail account comment below.



  1. Wow you are right, I just noticed that. That’s crazy. It seems like… I mean, why bother? Why not just open it up completely? I still love Gmail and would really love to see it succeed.

  2. I stil only have 6 invites for some reason. It’s not like they actually run out though. Gmail is the first web-based e-mail I actually use regularly, all my other accounts were dormant. The only problem is that Gmail didn’t work with a lot of ‘net parlour computers when I was in India.

  3. Same here. 50 invites is too many. Just open the damn thing.

  4. How did you get 50 invites? I still have only 6.

  5. They gave me 50 and I never use my account.

  6. I got 50 as well..Just stockpile them…I refuse to give it to anyone who goes “what’s Gmail?”..And I enjoyed the link about iPods being all over Microsoft…

  7. In light of the iPods at the Campus, a senior manager at Microsoft has just informed us that of the 95% of employees at Microsoft who have email, prefer using GMail. Dan Wanke who works at the struggling MSN division says that using a rival’s offering instead of their in-house production was a no brainer.

    “Hotmail was great, but GMail is truly spectacular,” says Dan. “At first, my team members were not overly enthusiastic, but now they are seeing the light. I mean Hotmail is shit. I use it in the hope for some inspiration.” The senior manager, who wishes to remain unnamed, conceded that it has been difficult to stem the GMail tide at Redmond. “Its disappointing, but what are you going to do?” Robert Scoble, well known Microsoft apologist, was not available for comment.

    No word yet on whether Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has been bitten by the GMail bug.

  8. I don’t have any anymore! where did they go? did you steal mine?

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