Lost Season 1: Finale

   30 May 2005, early evening

Damn—Lost is so damn good. I just finished watching the finale. What a way to end the season. If you want to discuss the season, and the finale in particular, do so in the comments below.



  1. Yeah the DVD should be awesome….the numbers are bad!!!...

  2. best show on tv for me I think. I love the slow pace and the endless confusion. The only thing I fear is that nothing could live up to the hype like this, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. I also enjoyed it very much, everytime it answers a question, there are 2 more to take its place. We will now have to wait like a whole 4 monthes to see what happens.

    And to show my devotion to Lost, three of my other friends took a pic where we spelt “Lost” with our hands. Kinda dumb, but it seemed fun at the time. Get Krishna to show you next time your home.

  4. Ok, I am at episode 9 of the first season (Danielle appears, Flashback to sayid’s time in iraq witch Nadia).

    I am looking for spoilers. I mean really all out spoilers, don’t hide anything. What’s going on there? What’s going to happen in the first season? Please, please enlighten me. :)


  5. Sencer you have to watch! Don’t read spoilers. You’ll be so disappointed if you do. (Though, if you really are desperate I recommend Television Without Pity. You can download all the shows on the internet. I think that’s a better way to catch up on the season. Danielle shows up a few more times in the series.

  6. Thanks, ramanan. :) I’ve heard a few people were pretty disappointed by the end of the first season, because nothing was really cleared up, and there were more questions than ansers revealed. I guess I am just too impatient. ;)

  7. Have you seen the teaser for the second season?


    Only the true fanatic will find it.

  8. Wow, I finally finished the first season and I am impressed. It really sucks you in. I would have expected a couple more answers from the finale, but it wasn’t too bad.

    Has anybody read about the Nanobot-Theories? It seems a bit far out for how the series has been going for the first season, but it seems like one of the few sane ways to explain the strange things happening. I really wouldn’t want to find out it’s “supernatural” hokuspokus. But who knows…

  9. I haven’t heard that one. I hope they don’t try and dispel everything with science. It looked from the season finale that the monster trying to eat Locke was mechanical, and not some sort of dinosaur. Mind you, they didn’t imply the monster, and the thing attacking Locke were one and the same. There is one theory for the show that states everyone on the Island is dead. That also sounds a bit too lame to me. I hope they go for some X-Files quasi science solution to everything.

  10. Interesting… looking at the website for Oceanic-Air and found an interesting bug. The flight tracker claims that flight 815 took off from Gate 15 whereas it was actually from Gate 23.

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