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OK Go and Kaiser Chiefs @ The Mod Club

   30 May 2005, lunch time

A freak accident involving a CD stand resulted in my ending up with tickets to see Kaiser Chiefs at The Mod Club last night. Heather, Ben and I had planned to meet at 9:00, in order the see the opening act, but ended up meeting closer to 9:30. When we walked in to the club, the band was midway through their set. We should have met at 9:00.

OK Go were the opening act for the Kaiser Chiefs. The band have a very britpop sound to them, despite the fact they are originally from Chicago. The band’s music was really good; I enjoyed all their songs. The band was really great on stage; they were very lively performers. The thing that really makes them stand out, and will make them stand out in my mind till the end of time, was how they ended the set. After playing their last song of the night the band started to pack up. They asked the guy running the show, “Do we have a few minutes left?” Then, to the crowd, “I think we have a few minutes left.” They then cleared out some space on the stage. “We’re going to do something a little bit different.” I was expecting an acoustic set — silly me. “We’re going to dance.” And dance they did. They had a serious dance routine. The bass player lip-singed along to a song I didn’t know, the whole group dancing in unison. It was fucking awesome. After the show they were outside chatting with the crowd and signing up people for their mailing list. They came off as a very humble group. I really hope these guys end up successful, they seemed like a really nice group of people.

Kaiser Chiefs were up next, and really had to work hard to follow OK Go. I hadn’t heard of the band before, but Dave said they were good, and Heather and Laura had been bigging them up the week before. From their opening song to their last I thought they were great. They had some serious energy. The band are very much a britpop group, all dressed up in suits and ties singing rock music and dancing around on stage. The lead singer kept on mocking the crowd out the night before, letting us know that we were in fact the most bestest crowd ever. I wonder if he was being sincere? The band had the crowd dancing around for most of their set, and the lead singer got everyone to throw their hands up in the air for their last number. They were a great band live, so if you can see them in your city you definitely should. I thoroughly enjoyed their show.

It was quite the Sunday. I’m listening to my new “Ok Go” CD — I couldn’t resist their dance moves.



  1. The Kaiser Chiefs CD is also awesome—its 10 dollars at HMV people! Is there some sort of britpop revival i’ve been missing out on?

  2. I agree – the dance routine, had I been drinking a beverage, would have made said beverage fly out of my nostrils.


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