30 September 2004, early morning

Brian Wilson started work on the follow up to one of the best albums ever made, Pet Sounds, but promptly went crazy. Even today in interviews he doesn’t quite seem to be ‘all there’. That’s alright though, because perhaps he needed to be a little crazy to finally finish his follow up to Pet Sounds, Smile. The original Smile must exist on studio tapes somewhere; what has been put out is the version of the album that Brian Wilson has been touring with. This album doesn’t feature Wilson and the rest of the Beach Boys, the album features Wilson and his new backing band. Fear not, unlike George Lucas, Wilson is not a giant hack. The album sounds great, a perfect follow up to Pet Sounds.

The album features some hits you may be familiar with, like Good Vibrations. Apparently the Beach Boys took some of the materiel they recorded and used it on their subsequent albums. The album is pretty solid through and through. I haven’t heard any songs that really stick out as spectacular, but I haven’t had a chance to listen through the album more then a couples time. I’m enjoying the album, and recommend you check it out.



  1. I am hearing his latest work “SMiLE” repeatedly. It is very wonderful. I am impressed.

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