Smoke Weed Everyday

   16 June 2005, the wee hours

I was sitting down at Kipling station, waiting for my bus. Standing a few feet away from me was a boy with what I thought was a cigarette in his hand, puffing away. It didn’t take long to realize he wasn’t smoking a cigarette. It was 8:30 in the morning—that seems awfully early to be smoking weed. He finishes his joint and tosses the roach on to the road. He then lights up a real cigarette. The boy is going to the airport. I know this because he asked a bus driver how long till the bus to the airport arrived. I am guessing he is meeting people, since he has no luggage on him.

As I watched this scene unfold, the Kipling 45E gets ready to leave. It’s the express bus that drives North up Kipling. Just as it is about to leave, the bus driver spots a woman running towards the bus. A man, standing near the bus waves to the driver to let her know there is a women running, trying to catch the bus—just incase the driver didn’t notice. The driver opens her door and waits. Just as the woman reaches the doors, the driver closes them shut and drives away. That was cold.

I got on my bus shortly after and headed off to start my day at work.



  1. la la la.. i really have no reason to comment other than to add to my comment count, :P and since i’ve been out of the loop for the last few days i thought why not just pick a random entry and talking about absolutely nothing. now ram might erase this comment because it’s actually not relevant at all, but if he really loved me he wouldn’t.

    i’m so smart.. and annoying! lol :)

  2. I showed you should of just named your post “hey hey hey, smoke weed everyday”...Also, 830am is pretty damn early to bake…

  3. Yeah, I was wondering if Chappelle was where you got the title from.

  4. Well Nate Dogg sings it at the end of a Dr. Dre song I like.

  5. I associate the title with the Dre song as well.

  6. Is there a counter somewhere of how many comments we make here?

  7. There is a secret page with all sorts of stats. Before I had my archive page listing popular articles and stuff, I had the stats visible on my stats page. I use it to keep track of things, and to test out pulling different data from my textpattern install.

  8. Did you just add the “Top Commenters Referrers” section? [Or am I too feeble to properly operate my scroll wheel? ;-)]

  9. Realtime too…nice!

  10. I think I added some time last month? It wasn’t on the page when I first put it up.

  11. Oh, the secret page is like getting to the underground hideout in TW 2002. Crazy.

  12. I’m bored in school so I felt like commenting on this. Smoke weed….

  13. This is really funny title.Why do you named the article so?But I like your site design.

  14. It’s sad that such a young boy would be doing that!

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