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Seven Numbers

   15 June 2005, mid-morning

I’ve been to Seven Numbers twice now. The first time was last Wednesday, the second was yesterday night. That’s twice in less than a week. “The food must be great,” you might be thinking. It is, but that isn’t why I went back again so soon.

Last Wednesday, Carvill, Dave and I went there for dinner. We got there around 7:30 or so. We had our drink orders taken fairly quickly, but had to wait quite a while for our drinks. We ordered the rest of our meal, and had to wait ages for our appetizers. (My appetizer actually never even made it to my table.) The owner was nice enough about the service being slow, giving us some shots, and bigger helpings of food when we did end up getting our food. That said, the service was so slow it was embarrassing.

Still, the food was really good. And the place itself is awesome. It has a very casual vibe. The wait staff is constantly running around, yelling at the cooks and at each other. Everyone around you looks laid back, probably due to the laid back nature of the place. I wanted to go back and see if we just caught the guys on an off night, which I suspected we did.

Steph, Serena, Dave and I met for dinner late last night. Dave and I arrived first. The owner came and took our drink order, which was a pitcher of Sangria. Dave ordered a Smoked Salmon appetizer to munch on while we waited for the girls. It was all out a few minutes later—things were looking up. Dave and I drank some Sangria, ate some salmon, and chatted. When Steph and Serena arrived, we split the rest of the pitcher with them. Everyone save Dave seemed to enjoy the Sangria—Dave didn’t like the fact the drink doesn’t have much kick to it.

We ordered food shortly after, and as with are initial order, things were out quite promptly. Everyone liked their food; we ordered a variety of things. I had an Italian Sausage as my main, which was quite tasty, and a Grilled Shrimp with Spicy Salsa as my appetizer. The shrimps were really good, and I recommend you try them if you go to the restaurant. The calamari, which we didn’t order on this trip out, is also quite good. I don’t think anyone was disappointed with their meals, so you are pretty safe ordering whatever strikes your fancy. The portabello mushroom sides are excellent—I don’t even like Mushrooms but enjoyed eating them.

So, Seven Numbers is a good place to go. The meals are reasonably cheap to boot, an added bonus.

Carvill and Dave at Seven Numbers



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