Thank You For Smoking

    7 April 2007, early morning

After watching the Prestige, Shima and I watched Thank You For Smoking. The film follows a tobacco lobbyist during a particularly trying period of time: he’s trying to take care of his son; a hot shot journalist is on his case; they want to brand cigarettes with a skull and crossbones, etc. He manages to get through all these crises using hit wits alone. It’s a strange film if only because you find yourself rooting for the lobbyist — somewhat anyway. He’s a smooth talking salesman sort of guy. There are a ton of cameo — Rob Lowe’s is very funny. It’s a short fun film to watch. There isn’t much substance to it I suppose.

The official Thank You For Smoking Website



  1. I thought it was great! I bought it as well =). I took some pointers hahahaha.

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