Three Monkeys

   12 September 2008, terribly early in the morning

I watched Three Monkeys with Carvill and Limin before watching Two-Legged Horse with Shima at the film festival . A rich man runs over someone in the middle of the night; his driver takes the fall for him, promised a big chunk of money when he gets out of prison. The movie is an examination of how this event effects the driver and his family — his wife and son. I quite liked the film. The movie gets particularly interesting when the father gets out of jail. The film seemed to be about the way we ignore obvious truths in our lives; how we leave things unsaid; etc. It’s shot beautifully: the cinematography was great. The 4 lead actors all give very nuanced performances. It’s a very quiet, subtle film. It would have been nice to have had the director around to ask him questions, but at our screening no one was there. The film was quite good, definitely worth watching if it makes it to DVD.



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