TIFF 2008

   26 August 2008, terribly early in the morning

I need to head off after work to pick up my order book for the Toronto International Film Festival. Getting tickets for TIFF is an involved and convoluted process. It involves a lot of lining up, filling out forms, and more lining up. Mezan thinks this is to discourage people who aren’t that interested in movies from coming out. He’s probably right. The film festival begins in two weeks, but the TIFF website still doesn’t have descriptions of what is being shown. Their web site usually sucks, so I don’t know why I expected this year to be any different. (Why they don’t ask the Hotdocs people for help, I don’t know.) Last year I didn’t see many films, which was a bit disappointing. This year there are already a couple that sound interesting, in particular the Ashes of Time Redux. Anyone else going to the festival?

Update: I watched the following films at TIFF 08:

My friend L ended up watching the following two films with me too:

And then went out to watch a whole lot more:



  1. I avoid that nightmare like the plague. I suppose the process of acquiring and redeeming tickets for the film festival is something that started in a way that made sense and gradually got more and more complicated and confusing and so there’s no one really to blame for it, but still… why doesn’t it work like buying tickets for regular movies?

    There are a lot of good, rare films hidden at the festival every year, but there’s also a lot of Indiewood middlebrow tripe, and also a lot of films that are right about to open in theatres.

    Oh wait, I should make a huge exception for midnight madness. That shit be awesome. Still crowded and liney-uppy, but awesome.

  2. It’s to separate the hard-boiled from the simply boiled.

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