Touch of Pink

    3 January 2005, evening time

I usually make it a point to make up my own mind up about movies. So I ignored Rishi’s reservations and mixed reviews at rotten tomatoes to watch Touch of Pink with Carvill today. Sometimes this doesn’t work out well. Today it did. Carvill and I both enjoyed the film. Touch of Pink is about an Indian boy living in London who is hiding his homosexuality from his mother who lives in Toronto. His mother comes to visit him at the start of the film and hilarity ensues. Also, the boy has an imaginary friend who is Carrey Grant. The movie was funny and at times quite touching. The actress who played the mother in the film is great. She did a great job at being your typical demanding and neurotic Indian mother. The Carrey Grant character was hilarious. This movie also featured a kick ass soundtrack. I recommend the film, it was quite good.

The official Touch of Pink web site



  1. The brown dude plays one of the sons in East is East. Now, thats a hilarious movie!

  2. East is East is a pretty black comedy. It’s one of those films you laugh at for a bit, and then it just kind of gets creepy and depressing—a great film.

  3. Rotten Tomatoes and I never told you to not watch the movie. I bet conferring with us lowered your expecations, allowing you to enjoy it more.

    I watched The Terminal last night, which I enjoyed. It’s a nice, light snack.

  4. I really enjoyed “Touch of Pink” too, despite the reviews, especially Alim’s “imaginary friend”, although I was confused to begin with since Alim’s mother just looks way too young to play the part.

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