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   5 January 2005, the wee hours

Two episodes in to the new television series Lost and I am pretty impressed. The production values seem awfully high for a television show. The cast is also pretty impressive, featuring plenty of people you have seen all over the place, from the oldest brother in Party of Five to Lana’s Zombie boyfriend on Smallville. I’ve been told the show takes a bit of a dip as the level of tension seen in the first two shows is a bit hard to maintain. I’m curious as to how long they intend to keep the show running. Right now it is really good, but I mean, I’d hate to see it turn into Gilligan’s Island.

update: And episodes 3 and 4 were equally good. The plot twist with the character Locke was great. If you haven’t been watching Lost you really should.

update: And now at episode 9 I still think this show is good, though I hate how some of the episodes end in lame ass montages. The back stories for some of the characters is quite interesting.



  1. I’ve been watching Lost from the beginning and i think its a great show. People may have to catch up but it is definetly worth it.

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