As soon as we lose the moral basis, we cease to be religious. There is no such thing as religion over-riding morality. Man, for instance, cannot be untruthful, cruel or incontinent and claim to have God on his side.
—Mahatma Gandhi


  1. I could make a snarky comment about Bush, but that would be way too easy.

  2. I would never expect Bush to abide by the philosophy of Gandhi anyways.

  3. No, I suppose not. But doesn't it sound like he is talking about Bush? I thought it was a good quote nevertheless.

  4. It does, and it is a wicked quote. Gandhi was full of gems, like “don’t eat the meat” and “I make my own clothes”.

  5. Desmond Tutu (a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate) has some interesting sentiments regarding Bush as well:

    ”...I was shocked, because I had naively believed all these many years that Americans genuinely believed in freedom of speech. [But I] discovered there that when you made an utterance that was remotely contrary to what the White House was saying, then they attacked you. For a South African the déjà vu was frightening. They behaved exactly the same way that used to happen here [during apartheid]—vilifying those who are putting forward a slightly different view…”

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