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The Night Begins at Butt'r

   20 February 2005, late afternoon

A shot of my shirt, and the Butt'r sign inside Butt'r

The plan was to meet up with Rishi, various law school students, and a few of Rishi’s friends for drinks last night. The problem with this plan was that no one actually said where or when to meet. When I left my house at 7:00 to meet some other friends for dinner I hadn’t the faintest idea how I would actually end up finding Rishi. (I wasn’t the only person in this predicament. Steph had a dinner of her own, and was supposed to meet up with us after. Carvill was watching a movie with her friend Jose, and was supposed to show up after the movie with Mezan and Jose. None of them had managed to get a hold of Rishi either.)

Of course, by the time we were all finished with our respective dinner plans, we still hadn’t heard from Rishi. We decided that we’d just meet at Butt’r and figure out what to do later. Butt’r is a nice lounge in Little Italy that is usually quiet and empty. The last time I was at Butt’r was a lot of fun.

Carvill, Mez, Jose and I arrived at Butt’r first, a little bit past 10:00. Steph needed to get ready before coming out, which usually means she’ll be late—very late. The place was quite busy when we arrived. Since new years I’ve been trying to drink more and more Champagne; so Jose, Mez and I split an Italian sparkling white wine between us.

Shortly after we arrived, a girl with a blue top walked in. I wrote down my initial thoughts about her in my Moleskine:

A note I wrote in Butt'r

And then out of the blue Rishi called. He had been at work all of Saturday—the poor son of a bitch. We explained where we were, and he said he’d meet up with us shortly.

I called my friend Philippe to see if he wanted to join me and my friends on our misadventure. I haven’t seen Philippe in years, but stumbled on his telephone number because my friend Yang has done a better job at keeping in touch with him. Philippe was ready as ever for a night out drinking, and showed up shortly after with two of his friends, Kevin and Ryan.

Steph arrived shortly after Philipe; not as late as I has initially expected her to be. Rishi arrived with Sheliza, Constantine, and James. The law school students had decided to sleep, so only Sheliza remained to represent the Queen’s law school massive.

So, there was a big posse of us out now. At this point Butt’r was busy and loud. We got bored of yelling at each other and decided to head out to a new bar. This was a foolish time to leave, as last call in Toronto is 2:00AM, and we left Butt’r at 1:30AM.

We managed to go to 2 more bars before calling it a night.



  1. College Street is wicked for bar-hopping. You can easily visit 10 great bars in a single night.

  2. Oh, I also forgot to mention the birthday card we found at our table. Taking it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  3. I wonder if Rich feels that way about Loren as well.

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