Nintendo DS: Day 96 (Shampoodle)

   15 February 2006, early morning

The first time I got a hair cut in Animal Crossing, I ended up with this blonde surfer-dude type of haircut. It was really ugly. I knew there was a chart online that told you how to answer the hair dressers questions to get the cut you want, but I thought it’d be more fun to just do it at random and see what I turn up with. It wasn’t more fun. A week later, sick of my blonde hair, I got it cut again today. Learning nothing from past experience, I decided to answer the hair dressers questions at random and see what happens. I now have super short hair. And it’s blue. So, in Animal Crossing, as in real life, I can’t get a good hair cut.



  1. Does animal crossing have a gaybourhood? If so, you should get your haircut around there.

  2. No, but the dude (poodle) that cuts your hair in the game is probably batting for the other team.

  3. Try to learn the North American Sign language; It may work out in the future.

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