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iMovie + School Project + Suicide

   17 February 2006, the wee hours

My brother and his friends have made a few short “films” using his Canon digital camera. One of my favourites was a video they did on suicide; it was for a school project. You would think it would be hard—or at the very least inappropriate—to make a light-hearted video on suicide, but that’s just what they did. I’m not sure what they got on this project, but thanks to Google Video you can now watch this peice of art. (The audio is horrible.) I think all my friends who have seen the video agree it’s really bizarre. It’s also very budget and low-rent and very much a product of high school.

Another video I like that they did was 3 of his friends running into each other head first wearing large boxes on their heads; a shame that video isn’t online.



  1. I will post that running into each other with boxes video soon. I have quite a few funny videos of things we have done throughout highschool.

  2. A nice and creative product in screening how being negligent can impact on others’ life.

  3. Here is a video of my friends running into each other with boxes on their head

    It only gets interesting about 1/2 through.

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