Smallville: Season 2

   27 June 2004, the wee hours

Ahilan got me the second season of Smallville on DVD today. I actually started watching the show during the second season. My friend Carvill also seemed to get hooked on the show during the second season. My friends bought me season one of Smallville for my birthday last year, which I managed to watch over the course of a few days in Waterloo. Gary watched the show with me at this time, and so he ended up getting hooked on the show as well. He promptly downloaded the second season, and started downloading the third season as the episodes came out. The show is about Superman as a teenager. I don’t know what it is about the show that makes people like it so much. I mean, really, it’s the kind of show I should hate. It’s like a Dawsons Creek or an O.C. or any other stupid teen drama. But, there’s just something about it that I think is brilliant.

I can’t wait to watch this season again. I’ve just finished all of Mezan’s CSI DVDs, so Ahilan’s timing couldn’t be more perfect.



  1. is it cuz you like the actress? hm! :P

  2. Shima – Excellent point! Kristin Kreuk is charming.

  3. There is definitely some appeal on the Kristin Kruek front, but I enjoy the show for more reasons then that.

  4. Hah, you like General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and other exceedingly high quality television. Why wouldn’t you like a show that has mutants and superman to boot?

  5. I guess that is also true. Though I haven’t watched a soap in ages now.

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