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Television at its Finest?

   27 June 2004, mid-afternoon

Andy Baio is putting up some videos for your viewing pleasure. The first up is something I’m sure some of my readers will enjoy:

First up, the best TV pilot you’ve never seen: Ben Stiller’s Heat Vision and Jack from 1999. Jack Black stars as Jack Austin, an astronaut on the run from NASA after a solar accident makes him the smartest man in the universe. Owen Wilson plays his talking motorcycle. Produced by Stiller, who also appears in the introduction and as a strip club DJ.



  1. Wow, that’s pretty cool.

    I don’t know about you, but Ben Stiller to me is one of the finest actors out there, especially when teamed up with Owen Wilson. Those two make for one killer comedy combo.

  2. Agreed. I think both the Wilson brothers are amazing. I think I like Luke Wilson more, but it’s hard to say. they’re both pretty hilarious.

  3. Owen and Luke both have that funny attitude without trying to be overly funny, like Will Ferrell can be sometimes. When I watch movies with them in it, they don’t seem to act funny, they just are.

    I can’t wait for Meet The Fockers to come out (if you don’t know, follow-up to Meet The Parents) and I can’t wait to see Dodgeball.

  4. Yeah. I think my friend Steph went and watched Dodgeball with out me—bitch. It looks like it’ll be a good film. I’m waiting for Starsky and Hutch to come out on video.

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