I have always loved Cavafy ’s “Ithaca ó ” how, in the poem, the traveller comes to understand that he will never reach Ithaca and this does not matter. The journey is all. The horror is all. Getting off the boat or plane and saying here are my belongings and thank you for taking me in, this is almost all.
On War by Indran Amirthanayagam


  1. Parthi sent this article my way. I really canít stress how good I thought it was. Heís written a book of poetry called The Elephants of Reckoning, Ceylon R.I.P I may try and track down. Apparently he is a well regarded poet. Another essay at the Hindu is also worth checking out: On Departure.

  2. poignant article…and lovely website ramanan !...you think you could post some of your newer pics ?...It’s been like ages.

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