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The Nintendo DS: Day 1 (The Beast)

   11 November 2005, lunch time

So I’ve had my DS for less than a day, and I haven’t really had a chance to play anything on it. I’ll just briefly say something on the form factor. I’ve played with the Nintendo DS a couple times before, clamped down inside a Future Shop and an Electronics Boutique. I never really got the impression it was huge. Big, yes, but nothing like the mammoth PSP. Let me tell you, for those who will also be buying a DS blindly, the thing is a brick. It’s bigger than my old-school GBA. I think it is about the same size as a PSP, only a little less wide, and a little more fat. The thing is pretty ugly. All that said, I didn’t buy the thing for it’s visual appeal. I look forward to trying out my GBA games on it when I get home this weekend.



  1. What games do you have for the DS? If you have nintendogs I don’t think I can call you my brother.

  2. Don’t worry, I didn’t get Nintendogs. The “game” looks pretty uninteresting to me. I am trying to decide what to get. Meteoes and Polarium both sound like good puzzle games. I want to get Animal Crossing DS when it comes out, and Final Fantasy III DS when it comes out.

  3. Advance wars 2 comes highly recommended from two guys I work with, but I’m assuming if you played FF tactics then you’re into turn based strategy.

  4. I’ve read good reviews of the game, though I never played the ones on the GBA. Is it like tatics then? You pick what all your guys do, and then they go do it, rinse and repeat? They love the game at 1UP.

    I am seriously thinking about Meteoes, which is by the same people behind the super-awesome Lumines. It sounds like a crazy Bejeweled, and you know how much I love Bejeweled. I might go grab the game tonight, though Advance Wars sounds really cool.

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