Textpattern 4.8

    2 April 2020, lunch time

When I first launched this site I really customized quite deeply a lot of the bits and bobs that make Textpattern go. Now, a million years later, I just don’t have the time an energy to do that. Dreamhost upgraded the version of PHP running on the server that hosts this webpage, promptly breaking the version of Textpattern I was running. I sort of expected that to happen. I have upgraded to Textpattern 4.8. I think it’s quite impressive that it seemingly worked without a hitch. This is just stock Textpattern. I’ll hopefully do a better job of keeping it up to date since the upgrade process is so seamless if you aren’t following it up with a bunch of porting random code. Let me know if anything is broken.

Stay safe: there is a pandemic happening.


John Wick

   15 March 2020, lunch time

John Wick feels like a film made by people growing up on Hong Kong action films from the 90s. If you judged a film based on how many guns it has—and you should—John Wick is coming out ahead. The premise is simple. John Wick is an ex-mob hitman who is out for revenge and the loser son of his old boss kills the dog his wife bought him right before she died. The film takes place is a some what surreal version of NYC where there are assassins all over the place. Lots of memorable faces throughout, including Freeman and the Captain from the Wire. An enjoyable film, and now I get to watch two more.

The official John Wick website.


Boiling Point

    4 January 2020, lunch time

I love documentaries about chef’s. Boiling Point is about Gordon Ramsey’s quest for his 3rd Michelin Star. The film opens with him leaving Aubergine to start his own restaurant. I had always thought the Hell’s Kitchen persona was a bit of an act, especially after seeing his older British shows where he’s a lot more patient and friendly. Apparently I was wrong. The guy is even meaner to his own staff. He’s intense and abusive. People get fired all the time. I can’t imagine working for him, but people do. When he left Aubergine the kitchen staff all went with him. That’s something. He’s pushing everyone around him to be perfect. My heart rate is up after watching the movie. You can watch it on YouTube yourself.


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