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  • Amazing! I am glad you are still reading. I miss the days of bloggers and blogging. Twitter is dreadful: I am waiting for the second coming of blogs.

  • I’m just stopping by to say that I’m so happy that you’re still blogging. I’m sure your daughter is a big girl right about now.
    I hope that you’re well and that your family is safe.

  • Hey you good?

  • I want the tamil translation of this poem.please send me. I have to know how good that would be in tamil

  • Security to compass is very lucky to have you :) That time Rohid made the right decision :)

  • I like Rogue One the best as well. It’s a movie that really understands what it’s trying to do, and does it. The Mandalorian is also excellent. This trilogy will likely always feel like a bit of a let down.

  • I really didn’t like this movie. The slow motion chase sequence was silly but also all the characters are kind of dumb. In the first movie I liked Po’s character a lot but in this movie he was just an idiot. And so much of the movie is because the admiral and Leia don’t bother explaining why they are doing what they are doing. Rey’s portion with Luke was interesting but more than half the movie felt immensely unnecessary. Of all the star wars things Disney has done I think my favorite is still Rogue One. I still haven’t seen the latest movie though.

  • I like Esthero!

  • i love this movie! is excellent!

  • It is so hard to sympathize with these people. I love the survey inthe middle of the article where 80% (17k people) said “No, the government should not help these people”. I can’t imagine anyone getting much sympathy from the common person if they are buying 1-2 million dollar homes.

  • Superb movie!!

  • Love to read your blog
    Btw are you going to share your pencil case Mythilli?

  • this article is very help full and informative thank you
    Adam Giambrone should be ashamed of himself for tyring to pull a fast one on the people who came out to listen to him and the other panelists. Thank goodness for the lady

  • Hahahaha.

  • v cute :D

  • Thanks for the shoutout! I actually moved to ny to design it and do the frontends. let me know what you think if you’re using it :)

  • This is what I was telling you about!

  • I’m mesmerized by reading these lines. I want to impress my girl friend with the same. please provide the words in Bengali script so that i will translate it to Tamil and send it to her.
    thank you

  • I have a Suica (Japan’s Presto equivalent) in Tokyo and I can basically use that anywhere in the COUNTRY. The whole country basically does transit effectively the same way. You pay by distance. When you do it like that things quickly get simpler since all you are doing is just figuring out how far someone went and charge them that amount. I can also charge my suica anywhere I can use it which means I can charge it on a bus or even in a convenient store.

  • why is it that cities can’t do these roll outs? How hard can it be? Vancouver’s Compass card took forever to roll out, and it was also plagued with problems

  • I am not sure how I feel about removing all police floats from Pride. I feel like seeing the police and municipal leaders present is important. For a group that is all about being inclusive that seems a bit contradictory.

  • The police are simply the hired enemies of this population. They are present to keep the Negro in his place and to protect white business interests, and they have no other function. They are, moreover—even in a country which makes the very grave error of equating ignorance with simplicity—quite stunningly ignorant; and, since they know that they are hated, they are always afraid. One cannot possibly arrive at a more surefire formula for cruelty.

    From the Nation.

  • A police officer killed another man, Philando Castile, in Falcon Heights a few hours after I posted this. I’m not sure which execution was more flagrant.

  • My bookmarklet for making link posts is messing up.

  • I want to love Toronto but the city is good at regularly disappointing me.

    Unrelated but how come this post the comment section said “Comment” instead of “#”?