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About Ramanan Sivaranjan & A Funkaoshi Production

   3 October 2005


My name is Ramanan Sivaranjan. I live in Toronto, and write about the city often. I attended school at the University of Waterloo, where I completed a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics (Combinatorics & Optimization if Math is too vague for you). I have worked as a software developer for many years, and an development leader after that. I watch lots of movies, attend lots of concerts, and surf on the internet a bit too much. This site is reflection of these habits.


Ladies, no doubt after reading this site you are enamoured with me. But please, don’t embarrass us both by professing your love to me: I am already married to the very charming Shima Mirkarimi. I like her the most; I’m sorry.

The Domain

A Funkaoshi Production is my pseudonym of choice for the things I do on the web. The name comes from the movie Fist of Legend, starring Jet Li. Jet Li’s Karate master is Mr. Funakoshi, whose name looked way cooler then it turned out to be.

The Thumbnail

The thumbnail in the corner displays my most recent posts to Flickr. At one time it displayed the photo currently on display at my photoblog. That site is now in retirement. I am using IMG VQVZ as a new-fangled photoblog of sorts.


There are many feeds available for this site. Your news reader should find them automatically, given the URL to my page, but in case it has any trouble you can use these two links: RSS or Atom.


I have had a PGP key for many years. No one I know is paranoid enough to bother using PGP. However, if you reading this want to send me encrypted or signed email, please go ahead. I love feeling like a spy.


Currently, the biggest referrer to this site is Google. In fact, there is a good chance that you found this site through Google. There was a brief period of time when this site would show up for a ton of searches, as long as “blog” was one of your search terms. This was back when my page rank at Google was 6.

Technical Details About This Site

I’m all about simple layouts. That was the major design criteria I when designing the pages here. This site has been redesigned countless times since it has been up on the web. Currently it is running off textpattern (and has been since the 3rd of April 2004). The page is built using valid XHTML 1.1, and valid CSS. If you’re going to make a web site, do it properly. Furthermore, this site is should be accessible to anyone, in the dive into accessibility sense. Most of the rules outlined by Mark Pilgrim are being followed here. If you have problems with the site please let me know.


This site is hosted by Dreamhost. So far the service has been great.


rsx_time_of_day 1.2 by Ramanan Sivaranjan
Display when the time an article was written in a friendly human readable format
rsx_plugins_table 1.2 by Ramanan Sivaranjan
Display a list of plugins currently installed.
glx_code 0.4 by Johan Nilsson
Transforms a txt-file to a nice code presentation
nko_spamurl_blocker 0.3 by Neko
Prevents SPAM
rsx_plugins_list 1.2 by Ramanan Sivaranjan
Display a list of plugins currently installed.
rsx_section_conditionals 0.1 by Ramanan Sivaranjan
Conditional tags used to test if the next section and previous section differ from the current section an article belongs to.
asy_stopdude 0.1 by Sencer Yurdagül
Temporary plugin to stop that first spambot that's going around
rsx_feed_auto_discovery_link 0.1 by Ramanan Sivaranjan
Generate ATOM or RSS Feed Auto-discovery links.
bas_lets_see_yours 0.2 by Bastian Sackermamn
This plugin brings your site to the txp_blogmap.
Activate it and save some informations about your blog at the this extension.
rsx_frontend_edit_link 1.3 by Ramanan Sivaranjan
Frontend Edit Link
ajw_comments_feed 0.6 by Andrew Waer
Extends RSS & Atom to allow for comments feeds.
rah_sitemap 0.4 by Jukka Svahn
Builds a valid advanced sitemap
smd_article_stats 0.30 by Stef Dawson
Get article/excerpt statistics and display them to visitors