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Stupid Ass Feedburner

    1 December 2004, evening time

A lot of sites have started using FeedBurner to manage their RSS or Atom feeds. This is all well and good; I think it’s a cool service. What bugs me however, is that Feedburner lets you send the lame pictures you posted on your Flickr account as part of your feed. This is annoying. Most sites that use Feedburner don’t offer up an alternative feed which doesn’t include Flickr photos. So, I end up getting to see such classic photos as Road Trip or Oh I’m Having Fun. I’m sure the friends of these two authors loved both photos, but as a perfect stranger I really don’t care to see them. And these are sites I don’t want to unsubscribe from; I like reading them.



  1. People are finally realizing combined feeds are annoying: Mezzoblue, Matt Haughey, Andre Torez, Tom Coates.

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