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A Fridge Magnet

    4 August 2004, early afternoon

For my 18th birthday, Dave bought me a copy of the movie A Clock Work Orange. Around this time, Dave was also in the habit of giving out fridge magnets he would make. Basically he would glue an interesting picture on top of a flexible magnet. I think all my friends received fridge magnets from Dave for their birthdays that year. The magnet he made me had a picture of Jack Nicholson from another Kubrick film, the Shining, on it.

Dave made a box that fit around the video tape he bought. He stuck the fridge magnet on the top corner of the box, and wrote me a short message on the rest of the space. The video tape and the box it came in were slid inside the shell-of-a-box Dave made. He wrapped the whole package up in Dr. Doom wrapping paper if I am not mistaken.

I thought I had lost Dave’s fridge magnet. Today I found the magnet where I had left it, in between the box for the tape and the box Dave made me. I also found this note Dave left me:

Brother Nam: in an ideal world, this would be Fantastic Four wrapping paper. however, this is not such a place, otherwise we’d all be Communists and could eat all the strawberries we would want, whenever we wanted to (besides, we all know that Dr. Doom was a Commie deep down inside. he was a benevolent dictator after all).

Finding something you thought you lost years ago is always a good feeling.

The box Dave put a tape he bought me in.



  1. Wow! Just noticed the typography on the gift. Awesome look and feel.

  2. Yeah. Dave did a good job with the box. The note on the box is quite funny as well, which is why I kept it all these years.

  3. I remember giving one to Rishi, Shawn, and I think Mez as well. I think the magnets were limited to people who had birthdays in the summer because a large source of images I had was from the Fantasia scheduling book.

    Storing a magnet on top of a VHS tape for a long time probably wasn’t the best of ideas, either.

  4. Well, the fridge magnet was pretty weak. I don’t think it would effect anything on the other side of the plastic of a VHS tape. Krihsna’s friend Sean watched the Tape and didn’t complain, so I imagine it is still in working order. those magnets are cool. i’m glad I found mine.

  5. i think mine went with my old camry. i used to keep it on the dash, so i would never forget that ‘murder is fun’. what a great magnet.

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