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A Quiet Apple Launch Day

   20 October 2009, early morning

For some reason Apple launched a whole lot of products today, and is doing so fairly quietly as far as Apple goes. Of note is their new mouse, the Magic Mouse. It’s a mouse that supports multi-touch input. It looks pretty slick, but I’ve been burned by Apple and their shockingly shitty mice before. Apple also released new iMacs, a new unibody plastic Macbook with a rubber bottom, and new Mac Minis. (The Mac Mini Snow Leopard Server seems particularly cool.) I sort of want the giant iMac, but it doesn’t seem like something I can justify buying. Also, they are still selling them with a glossy screen, which I can’t stand.

Update: There are also new Airport Extreme routers, and a new remote control. I guess they are getting geared up for Christmas.



  1. Mmm… yeah. I need a mouse to replace my no-scrollee Mighty Mouse, but replacing it with another apple mouse seems foolish. Then again, I like horizontal scrolling… are there other mice that do that?

    I want the iMac, too. I’d like that and a MacBook Air – best of both worlds. But that would be like nine thousand dollars. Sigh.

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