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Advanced Figurative Photography: Part 1

    8 October 2009, evening time

Today was my first class of Advanced Figurative Photography. The AGO offers studio courses, and this one sounded interesting. I like photographing people.

Today’s class was a light introduction to things. We looked at work from past students. We looked at some of the teachers own work. We looked at a slide show on how the human body has been portrayed in the past: how we might classify different sorts of images. Finally we ended the class with a brief discussion on lighting.

The take away from all this, which I didn’t really pick up on when I read the course description, is that a big part of Figurative Photography is taking pictures of naked people. The course description made it sound like this was one aspect of the course, but it’s clear from the first class that this is probably the primary focus of the course, and this topic in general. I suppose I should have known that. We looked at a lot of really great nudes during the class. (And the work our teacher showed were his own nude self portraits.)

I think this course will be an interesting experience. I quite enjoyed the first class.



  1. I don’t know how I feel about this class. (You can call me a prude all you want.)

  2. His?

  3. Yes. His. They were photographs from 1984 to 1996 if I recall correctly. Like I said, an interesting experience.

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