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Adventures on the 191.

   12 May 2008, early morning

I hop on the 191. It’s 8:45, so I ask the driver if he stops at Atwell, just to be safe. He replies, “yes.” I sit down and start reading my book. When I look up again the guy across from me looks to be hopping off the bus on the highway. I think it’s a bit strange, get back to reading my book, then look up again to realize I have no idea where we are. I get up to talk to the driver.

— Where are we? Do you stop at Atwell?
— Where do you want to go?
— Dixon and Atwell.
— We’re at Bellfield and Highway 27.
— Where is that? Where is Dixon and Atwell.
— It’s 5 minutes South. pause I missed the stop.
— OK. Well, I’ll get out here then. pause Thanks.
— Sorry.

And so I started walking South on Highway 27. Now, I wouldn’t have been too bothered about the whole affair had the driver bothered to announce that he’d missed the damn stop. Seriously, WTF TTC?



  1. that’s unfortunate. complain to matt. lol. that’s what I do when ttc gives me problems.

  2. Yes, Haha. I’ll put this in my TTC Issues database.

    Anyways, yes, this pretty crazy. I suppose there wasn’t the Automated Stop Announcements system installed on that bus.

    191 is a very confusing route, but that’s no excuse for the operator. Sorry to hear about this Ram.

  3. I always complain to Matt about the TTC too. hehe..

    There are two thing that I will never take for granted when I’m taking the TTC: A/C and escalators. I love them even more after taking a million stairs up with suitcases in London. I think I pulled a muscle doing that.

  4. Shima, I hope you weren’t trying to walk up the stairs at the Covent Garden tube stop…

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