A painting of me

Moonlight in the sky
On the Forest Trail the Scent of the Leopard
My Heart is like Deer
In the Silence of this night, which way am I going?
The silvery shadow of leaves on my body
No more deer anywhere
As far as I go I see the moon bent like a sickle
Cutting the last golden deer-grain
Then sinking slowly
Into the darkness of all the sleep
In the eyes of a 100 does

Akashe Jyotsna by Jibonananda Dass. (I heard the poem, translated as above, in Hey! Ram.)


  1. I am looking for the Bengali lyrics for this poem, if you have the same could you pls share?

  2. Akashe jyotsna
    Phuler pathe chita baagher gayer karam
    Hridoy amar horin jano
    Ratrer ei niraboder bhetor, kondike cholechi?
    Rupali paatar chaya amar shorire
    Kothao kono horin neyi
    Aar joto door jaayee, kaashter moton banka chaand
    Shesh shonale horin, shorsho khete niyeche jano
    Taar par dhire dhire dube jaache
    Shata shata mrigedaar choker ghumer andhokaarer bhetor

  3. This is why not closing comments on old posts is good. Thanks.

  4. i know this is too late, but thanks so much Palak for sharing the bengali lyrics. you made my day!

  5. I’m mesmerized by reading these lines. I want to impress my girl friend with the same. please provide the words in Bengali script so that i will translate it to Tamil and send it to her.
    thank you

  6. I want the tamil translation of this poem.please send me. I have to know how good that would be in tamil

  7. Hope the guys who wanted to court their women with this poem got them as their life partners

  8. This is so beautiful…I thought im the only one searching for this poem and the translation. :) happy to know. keep writing

  9. It’s a beautiful poem! I feel like watching the film again.

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